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Specifically set up to support Complementary Therapists and Holistic Practitioners.  We consulted complementary health sector professionals at every stage of our inception, ensuring we can deliver exactly what your sector requires online.

No one understands Complementary Health Practitioners and your needs like we do.

We are here for complementary therapists and holistic practitioners

With the help of professional therapists and teachers from the complementary health sector, Internet Wings was born. The idea was to provide a website design and hosting service that was second to none. We then got to know your sector in particular and the specific needs and requirement you yearn.

Then we wanted to make this as simple as possible for you.

After all, we understand that you have businesses of your own to run. The last thing you want to have to do is spend too much time on your website.

And that’s where we really come into our own.

You can tap into years of experience. Our designs are not only beautiful, they’re functional, search engine friendly and packed with every tool you could possibly need in order to deliver your products and services to your clientele. We pride ourselves on delivering the very best customer care and support too. That’s why you can call us, day and night, and we’ll be there to assist you when you need us.

But the best part is that our websites are designed to be completely self manageable. So, you can build the exact site you’ve always wanted. With simple to use tools, brilliant designs and superb customer care, we know you’ll love the way we do business. We want you to know, we can’t wait to work with you either.

Still unsure? Get in touch. We’d be delighted to speak to you in person.

So why else should you be using Internet Wings?

Apart from the fact we were set up specifically to support your sector and that we are here to ensure your web success, here’s three more reasons why you shouldn’t look anywhere else…

Professional Website Design

Why pay a fortune for a web designer to build you a website from scratch, costing you potentially £1000’s, when you can choose one of our brilliant designs for a fraction of the cost?

We offer you incredible, high quality and professional websites that will enable you to really stand out from the crowd. You’ll be tapping into one of the most experienced and established web design businesses in the world too. We’ve been around since the summer of 2000. Few other know more about the Internet or getting your business online than we do. And we offer full support and the best tricks and tools built in to your website, ensuring you always look and feel your best.

And we love what we do, working with complementary practitioners and beauticians.


You Get Full Control

One of the very best things about our designs is they’re almost unlimited customisation abilities. You can add your own logos, images, even play around with the overall website colour. If your business has a particular branding already, we can even add this into your site, effectively making it pretty bespoke.

You can add as many pages as you like – there are no limits whatsoever. You can even set up members areas where only those who subscribe to your business can see the content.

We include one of the best SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tools absolutely free – already built in to your website. This is really great, because it ensures that your website should perform supremely well on Google. You will be found with an Internet Wings website!

We've Got You Covered

A website from Internet Wings can grow with your business. It doesn’t matter how much information, how many pages, how big your business gets, your Internet Wings website will accommodate you.

The possibilities are truly endless. You can even appoint others within your organisation to look after your website and give them individual responsibilities. This is great for a growing business like yours, because it means that taking one of our sites today ensures you’re actually protecting your identity and also preparing yourself for the eventuality of massive growth.

We really could be looking at one website for life with Internet Wings. Even your content can be moved effortlessly to other Internet Wings designs in the future, so you can always stay fresh and up to date. It’s all so easy with Internet Wings.

Thank you for your interest in Internet Wings and the services and products we provide. If you don’t know too much about us, then please allow me to take this moment to introduce myself and my company to you.

Let’s start with a little about me. I’ve been creating websites professionally now for almost 20 years. (I have no idea where the time has gone either.)  I’ve seen trends come and go and the ‘net get superfast over that period. The technology has changed so much and so quickly that, even just 5 years ago, few could have imagined the amazing innovations we see today.

Truthfully, I’ve had a real blast though. I’ve watched the Internet grow from this small tool of great potential, into an incredible international platform used by us all for entertainment, communication and information. It really has been like watching my very own child grow up. Yes, it’s been a fascinating journey and it’s not over yet.

The internet, of course, has an incredible ability to fully enable massive growth for business. This element has always fascinated me.

As a wand for entrepreneurship, there really isn’t anything better in my opinion. I’ve worked with countless individuals and small businesses helping them  to promote their companies, products and services online.  It’s been completely satisfying to have been a part of so many success stories.

So, why Internet Wings?

Well, I launched Internet Wings reasonably recently, in spring of 2014. This was mainly at the request of my partner, a teacher and practitioner of complementary therapies. She, having taught and worked with countless practitioners, was concerned that one of the hardest things for most newly or recently qualified practitioners to do was effectively market themselves once they had achieved their qualification. Having a diploma framed and hanging on the wall is all good and well, but who is going to know about you if you can’t successfully market yourself. She suggested that I offered high quality websites that are affordable for everyone. She also wanted to feel secure in the knowledge that there was a support system put in place that was for people (like her) who were not particularly computer literate.

That’s when I looked at the complementary therapy sector in greater detail. I found it wasn’t just newly qualified practitioners that seemed to be struggling getting a professional and polished presence online. From that stand point, I went about putting together something that would benefit your sector in particular.

Enter Internet Wings – a great way to get online professionally, whilst saving yourself a lot of money in the meantime. You should also know that we, the people behind your website, are also great advocates of your very own ethics and beliefs. Internet Wings has brought me so much satisfaction. Of course we’re a business and we need to make money to sustain our abilities to provide these services, but I can’t help feeling great pride in the fact we are helping countless small and medium size therapy businesses to look every bit as great online as their intentions suggest.

So, what next?

Well, I sincerely hope you feel that now is the time to do this with me. I want to make this as fun as possible for the both of us. After all, creating anything new, especially something that will become as personal to you as your very own website, should be fun, shouldn’t it?

Running a business, as challenging as it is at times, is also a really great thing to do. I love supporting new and established enterprises. And working with people like you has become a labour of love for me, I can tell you.

Come and join me. Let’s make this time in our lives as great as it can be. I’m here to help you at every stage of your online adventure. It’s truly going to be great fun. I believe that very much. 

Thank you once again for coming along to Internet Wings and for your interest in my business. I’m really looking forward to working with you. 

Peter Graham

Head Of Design and Services, Internet Wings

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