Easy To Understand Pricing

We wanted to make our websites easy to use. We’ve certainly done just that.

So, it makes sense that our pricing is just as easy to get to grips with! 

£199.99 Design & Set Up

We don’t actually charge you anything for our website designs. The only cost to you, at the very start of your connection with us, is to cover the time we spend on set up. We believe this is the lowest price anywhere, considering what we do and what you get.  We also give you a 14 day money back guarantee, so if at any time during those first 2 weeks you’re not entirely happy, you can request a full refund. 

£9.99 Per Month For Hosting

Your first year’s hosting is FREE!. We charge you just £9.99 for this afterwards. You benefit from professional, unlimited web hosting at its very best. With up to 5 email addresses and full 24/7 support, we believe you won’t find a better hosting deal that offers quite so much anywhere. And certainly not with a superb website design as part of the package. It’s a sensational deal especially for you. 

You Own Your Website

After all the work and effort you have put into the website, you’ll be pleased to know you own your content completely. Stay with us for 24 months and, should you wish to move to another host, you can do so without restrictions, for just £19.99. If you want to leave us before the 24 months are over, we will charge you just £99.99 to take your site away. It’s really that simple.